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$5 Flat Rate shipping on all orders over $35

Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to overhaul the outdated spice rack with approachable tools to help people create chef-inspired meals with healthy, natural ingredients. Through this mission we will change the way people feel about seasoning, by knowing exactly what they are putting on their food, and making meals taste good without the overwhelming addition of salt and sugar.

A Dream and a Chili Farm

Founded in October of 2017, Ocean State Pepper Co. has been cranking out the world's hottest peppers, and showcasing them in an approachable light. We use our fresh organically-grown chilies, which we dry and blend in-house, to elevate the flavors of our seasoning blends, without the overpowering use of salt. Being able to control the process from seed to bottle allows us to provide ultra fresh seasonings, that will instantly elevate anyone's spice rack.

OSPC Values

Focused on Health

Founded by an executive chef and a pilates & fitness coach with dietary restrictions, we’ve been studying natural ingredients and holistic health for our entire careers. We apply these learnings to everything that goes into our products, and believe that if you care about what goes into your body, your seasonings should be no exception.

Obsessed with Quality

We’re relentlessly focused on sourcing the highest quality ingredients. When we can’t find crops that meet our requirements for natural, flavorful and fresh, we grow them ourselves. We believe this is the only way to ensure maximum flavor and shelf life, since artificial preservatives and cheap flavor enhancements are never an option.

Raised by Relationships

Our customers and partners are everything to us. From the farmers we work with (you’re the man, Chuck), to the post office lady who picks up our online orders (thanks Pam!), to the artisanal culinary shops that stock our seasonings (Nancy, you’re a saint), to you, our amazing customers. Caring about every one of your stories is why we’re doing this, and how we’ll keep it going.

Rooted in Community

We’re not just building a company to make food taste better, but to make food taste better and elevate our region’s economy. Our decision to source and produce locally connects our success directly to our home region of Rhode Island and New England. It’s in our name for a reason.

Environmental Stewards

Always conscious of our environmental impact for today and the future.

Conscious sourcing - Working together with other small businesses and farmers to strengthen our local economy.

Down to Clown

Fun is a non-negotiable element to our business, and to your experience with our products.


Meet The Team

Katie Evans - Co-Founder/General Badass

A classically trained Pilates instructor and wellness coach with a bachelor's degree from UMass Amherst, has spent many years in the restaurant business, as well as building brands and gaining customer relations with startup companies.

David Conner - Co-Founder and Mad Scientist

An executive chef by trade and alumni of Johnson and Wales University, came to Rhode Island following his passion for cooking and has established himself in the culinary industry over the past fifteen years with hard work, restless hours, and countless sacrifices.