Pizza Party Pack

Pizza Party Pack

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Gift a better pizza.

Our OSPC Pizza Party Pack features our best matched flavors, guaranteed to elevate your next pizza experience. From our all-purpose Italian herb seasoning, to fresh, organically-grown chili flakes from our farm and a spicy cayenne chili-infused olive oil to finish with a drizzle of flavorful heat, this kit is a sure fire way to seriously bring it.

Serious pizza, and much more!

Go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it. Beyond just pizza, these curated beauties showcase what we love. Flavor and heat. Think outside the box and reach for the freshest, sun-ripened chilies, tastiest Italian spices, and experience the difference that quality ingredients can make. Don't believe it? You will.

What's Included:

The gangs all here. Garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and a blend of savory herbs to add classic Italian flavor to your next meal. A perfect accompaniment to the rest of your spice arsenal. Use this spice freely on pizza, pasta, sauces, and bread. Mangia!

Our organically grown chilies are harvested and dried at their peak of freshness to ensure the highest quality and flavor possible. We control the growing process from seed to bottle, and this is how we can assure you that these wonderful chili flakes will be the most vibrant and freshest you have ever purchased. Try it and see!

This oil is made with whole cayenne peppers crushed with olives before pressing for ultimate flavor extraction which lends a concentrated taste and delightful aroma.  It is "hot-sweet" and flavorful with rich, ripe pepper notes finished with buttery smooth and mellow olive taste. The lovely color is indicative of the abundant amount of whole, fresh peppers that 'fused' this delicious finishing oil.

Taste the OSPC Difference

Sustainable packaging.

Refillable glass jars help keep plastic out of our landfills and oceans.

Make It Rain.

Low in salt, and full of flavor...go ahead and pour it on.

Allergen Friendly.

Seasonings with clean and creative flavors for everyone.

Rapid results.

Saving on time and never having to sacrifice flavor, that's a win.