Kicked Up Spinach Dip

We can never leave well enough alone. We also like using seasonings and mixes that are free of any junk that we don't need to be eating. Easy solution, disrupt the veggie dip industry and make our own version, clean and easy, with nothing in it that shouldn't be there. Follow these directions that lead to a spinach dip victory.


1 packet     Hippy Dippy vegetable dip mix

1 cup     Mayonnaise 

1 pint    Sour cream or greek yogurt

1 can     Water chestnuts (4oz can)

1/2 box     Frozen chopped spinach (10oz box), thawed


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    In a medium bowl, combine dip mix along with mayo and sour cream. Stir well to combine. Open the can of chestnuts, and roughly chop them to your desired size. I like to go small with them to get more crunch per bite...again, total preference. Squeeze half the box of spinach in your hands over the sink to remove the majority of the residual water so the spinach is pretty dry. Add the spinach and water chestnuts to the bowl, mix well to combine. Refrigerate for about an hour, and enjoy. Pro Tip: Serve this out of a bread bowl with the chopped bread for dipping, it's an oldie but a goldie.

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