Deli-style Egg Salad

Could it be a love it or hate it kind of recipe? Perhaps. Could it be considered outdated and old news? Only to those who have no idea what they are talking about. Egg salad is a lunchtime favorite for us here, and we wanted to share this classic recipe with you, with an OSPC spin on it, obviously! Enjoy.


10ea     hard boiled eggs

1ea     small red onion

2pc     celery stalks

2Tbl    Dijon mustard

1 1/2Tbl     sweet relish

1/4cup    mayo

1Tbl    veg-geez Louise


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    Begin by boiling the eggs. The easiest way to do it for this recipe is just put your eggs in a small saucepan, and cover with cold water. Turn the heat on medium-high, set a timer for 20 minutes, and walk away. When the timer kicks, run eggs under cold water until they are cool enough to handle. Then, peel them and get ready to make the recipe

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    Chop the hard boiled eggs in a food processor, until roughly chopped to your desired consistency. I actually just press the eggs through a baking screen over a bowl and they come out perfectly 1/4" diced. Next, finely chop the onions and celery, and add to the eggs, followed by the remaining ingredients. Fold well to combine, don't be afraid to mix a little aggressively, as this incorporates the yolk into the dressing and thickens it up just a bit more. Let it chill in the fridge till you're ready to enjoy this on some seeded rye bread. 

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