Eggs, eggs, eggs

There are so many ways you can use our blends to spice up your eggs. It's as easy or creative as you like. Just a quick sprinkle of some Devil Dust on fried eggs before you flip them is delicious. Or just sprinkling Maine(ly) Maple on fried or scrambled eggs. 

If you're an egg salad fan here's a good one for you. It really can't get any simpler than this recipe. Boil as many eggs as you want. Cut some celery and mix together. Add salt and pepper then add Veg-geez Louise and ground mustard to taste and done! No mayo required. This recipe is kid approved.

How about scrambled eggs...slice up whatever vegetables you like. We like to add onions, mushrooms and spinach to our scrambled eggs. Saute the onions and mushrooms and let them soften up. While that is happening, beat your eggs in a separate bowl and add a little milk to the bowl (milk is a total preference and not necessary). Throw your spinach in the pan and let it shrink down a bit. Add your eggs and continuously stir so they don't stick to the pan. Obviously we add cheese because Dave is from Wisconsin and we don't do anything without cheese. Here's the best part, add some Suave Agave to the eggs to give it that nice southwest flavor. It is sooooo yummy! That being said you can add Hog Heaven, Maine(ly) Maple, Veg-geez Louise or any of our other spices. See where we are going with this. They all taste great on eggs!

Hard boiled eggs are a go to for Katie when she is teaching at the studio. She's a big fan of sprinkling Veg-geez Louise in the Tupperware over the eggs so they are ready to eat quickly in between clients.

Happy eating!

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