OSPC Seafood Lover Pack

OSPC Seafood Lover Pack

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The Ultimate Seafood First-Aid Kit

Continuing to pledge our promise of making cooking easy, we are happy to introduce the OSPC Seafood Lover's seasoning gift set. Packed with our favorite selection of seasonings to feature on all things seafood, from freshwater to saltwater, be prepared for anything! Packaged in a branded OSPC box, this is a quick and easy gift for the seafood fanatic in your life. Heck, grab two... it's always nice to reward yourself. Check out the direct links below to learn more about each product included.

What's in the BOX???

  • Surfs Up - Obviously! Lemon juice powder, lime zest, and orange zest are blended with roasted sesame seed, chili flakes, garlic, poppy, and agave.  Roasted nori seaweed gives this seafood blend a savory flavor reminiscent of the Ocean State.
  • Narragansett Bay - A kick of freshly blended cayenne peppers along with celery salt, and aromatic spices like nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and cloves, gives you everything to take on your next culinary adventure.
  • Suave Agave - Our southwest inspired seasoning, perfect for your next round of fish tacos with a harmonious blend of smoked paprika, ancho chile, guajillo chile, and aji amarillo powder. 
  • Bayou Phantom - A Cajun style seasoning, perfect for blackening, with just the right kick from estate-grown ghost chilies.
  • Lemon Aid - A Seafood Box Exclusive! Dave's latest jalapeno-infused lemon pepper blend is a no-brainer for all the sea treats.