Greek Grilled Lamb Skewers (GF)

Grilled Lamb Skewers


1 1/2 lb. finely ground beef or lamb

6 Tbl. chopped fresh cilantro

2 Tbl. chopped fresh mint

2 ea. Thai chilies, chopped finely

1/4 ea. onion, minced

1 Tbl. It's All Greek To Me Seasoning

1 ea. egg, lightly beaten


  • 1

    Light a charcoal grill and allow the coals to glow white before proceeding, if using gas, preheat grill on medium for 15 minutes.

  • 2

    Put the ground lamb into a medium sized bowl. Add remaining ingredients except the oil and mix well. Divide into 10 two inch sizes balls.

  • 3

    On a metal skewer press meat around forming sausage like links

  • 4

    lace on a hot grill and char all sides not moving them too much so they hold form.

  • 5

    Remove from grill and allow to cool. These are great on a large piece on naan with tzatziki sauce, onion chutney, lettuce and tomatoes. Add some banana peppers for added flavor.

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