Take better care of your seasonings!

The more you know...

Summer has arrived and with that comes humidity, lots of it. The great thing about our seasonings is that we don't use preservatives or anti-caking agents. The bad thing about that is they can get clumpy during high humidity times.

Here are a few tips to keep your seasonings fresh:


  • 1

    Make sure your tops are clean and closing properly.

  • 2

    Never pour the bottle directly over a steaming pot. The rising steam will go right into the bottle and create more clumping. Pouring some in your hand then from your hand to the pot is always the best idea.

  • 3

    During the summer months try putting some of our seasonings (Veg-geez Louise, Maine(ly) Maple, Bayou Phantom, anything with lemon powder or maple sugar) in the refrigerator to keep the clumping down.

  • 4

    Using a butter knife to break the clumps up is totally fine. The seasonings aren't bad just need to be shaken up a bit. 

  • 5

    Put your bottles and tops in the dishwasher (top rack) once you are finished with the seasonings, before you pour your refill pack in. Make sure the bottle is fully dry and cool before you refill it. This way your cap will close properly and your seasonings are being poured into a clean bottle.

  • 6

    Put all bulk seasonings in a sealed mason jar to keep it fresh and prevent any clumping.

  • 7

    Always remember, the best way to prevent clumping is to USE the seasonings! Hope this helps.

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