Grapefruit and Fennel Salad


1 ea fennel bulb

1 jar fresh grapefruit slices

2 ea breakfast radish, sliced very thin

1 tbl toasted pine nuts

1/2 bu watercress

1 ea lemon

2 tbl olive oil

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp Veg-geez Louise seasoning


  • 1

    Cut the top off the fennel bulb, then quarter and remove the core. Shave the fennel with a knife or in a food processor. Combine in tossing bowl with grapefruit, radish, and pine nuts.

  • 2

    Squeeze lemon over fennel mixture, followed by olive oil, sugar and seasoning. Toss well to combine. Tear the watercress roughly and add to the tossing bowl. Fold to combine and serve.

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