Blueberry Thrill
Blueberry Thrill
Blueberry Thrill
Blueberry Thrill

Blueberry Thrill

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Chipotle and Blueberry Rub


We developed this limited edition blend to showcase another one of the great flavors of New England, and that of course is blueberries.  Combined with organically grown Morita peppers, as well as a touch of maple and brown sugar to sweeten the deal, this addictively smoky blend will make a great addition in your BBQ Spice arsenal!

Experiment for yourself, and you will see how well Blueberry Thrill can perform with anything from sweet potatoes, to ribs, chicken, and endless options in between. From first shake, you will notice the beautiful blueberry color comes to life when it hits moisture. As this is an all-natural product, the subtleness of blueberry becomes more pronounced with a finishing glaze of your favorite BBQ sauce. 



Organic blueberry powder, maple sugar, demerara sugar, chipotle morita, smoked paprika, sea salt, onion, cumin, mustard, black pepper, garlic

Try this on your next BBQ glazed country-style ribs.

Pan-seared salmon over a berry and goat cheese salad.

Some of the best grilled chicken you've ever made.

A great addition to slow-cooked baked beans!

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