Rustic Ham and Bean Soup

I wanted to share with you all this recipe, which I find absolutely delicious and also a great way to use up what's available, or just kicking around. Quick background on what I use; frozen chicken stock from leftover bones, dried beans from last year's crop, frozen vacuum sealed veggies from the garden (tomatoes and kale), ham from our Vermont piggy that our friend raised, and farmer's market available produce (carrots, garlic, and onions). Reading back on that, no wonder this recipe tastes great. Nonetheless, you will have equally great success...promise. Now, since I can't stand scrolling for 10 minutes to check out a blog ya go. How nice, right?


Rustic ham and bean soup - Serves 4-6 comfortably 


2qt     Chicken stock

6ea     Roma tomatoes, halved and skinned

2 1/2T     Clucking Awesome 

2c     Mixed dried beans

4 stalk     Celery, diced

1 ea     Med. yellow onion, diced

2 ea     Carrots, diced

1 ea     Ham steak (6-8oz)

3/4 cup     Cooked kale, chopped


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    Bring your chicken stock and tomatoes to a simmer in a medium sized stockpot. Season the broth with the clucking awesome seasoning. Add your beans, reduce to a low simmer and cover. Cook for about an hour.

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    Next, add the remaining veggies and ham. Season with 10-15 turns of a pepper mill, return to a low simmer and cover once more. Allow this to simmer at least another hour, or until your beans are soft and the soup thickens a touch. If it gets too thick for your preference, thin out with a little hot water, one cup at a time.

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    Serve this soup with a fresh baked loaf and some whipped butter. Tasting great doesn't have to be difficult. Enjoy!

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